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New K-9Fluffer
Check out our new K-9 Fluffer. Variable speed switch that allows you to go from 0-120 cfm. You decide the power.

Electric Cleaner Company designs and builds durable equipment to offer a long service life.

These units are the world's most powerful portable vacuum and blowers of their kind. These machines are sold all over the united States and exported worldwide. Ease of operation and reducing grooming time are other features of the units.

Quality Workmanship

The average length of service by manufacturing and assembly employees is 15 years. They are experienced and care about the quality of their work.

Pledge of Service

The company feels strongly about the design and construction of these units perfected with over thirty years of experience in design / production of grooming equipment. Should you experience a problem with equipment, return the unit promptly and we'll repair it.
Please contact one of our dealers or call the factory direct at (800) 456-9821 for assistance with parts or repairs.
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Casey Thomas I have been fitting cattle since I was 6 or 7 and that was 30 years ago and I've always been able to count on my Circuiteer Dryer.
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